• The Fine Print

    In-Depth About Our DTF Heat Transfers (5-Minute Read)
  • Pricing

    DTF Heat Transfer Costs We calculate price at $5 per square foot (12" x 12" Inches) of film.

    Minimum order

    Our minimum order is $10 or about a 22" x 12" size gang sheet.

    Uploading Image Files

    Single Images When uploading single images, let us know the width and quantity. We'll help tile them into a gang sheet for you when printing.

    Gang Sheets: For the most control over your print layout,  you're welcome to create your own gang sheets. It can be up to 22" x 100" inches.

    Empty space is necessary between each "single image" or "gang sheet" during the peel step for heat pressing. A 0.4" inch (10mm) of empty space should separate each image.

  • Cost Examples by Size

    Print Size Cost Per Print
    3" x 3" $0.50
    4" x 4" $0.80
    10" x 4" $1.79
    10" x 10" $4.04
    11" x 11" $4.82
    22" x 12" $10.12
    22" x 24" $19.61
    22" x 36" $29.11
    22" x 96" $76.58


    • Disclaimer

      Image Size We do not accept any responsibility or liability for incorrect sizes ordered. If specific sizes are not provided, we will assume that you would like to print the graphic as-is and dimensions will be based on sizes shown in Photoshop/Illustrator. We use the imperial system of measurement for sizing (inches). We will resize the images as selected during checkout and will always maintain aspect ratio when resizing unless we receive express directions in writing to do so otherwise. We will not be able to accept returns or provide refunds for items which are the wrong size. 

      File Type We recommend vector files (ai, pdf, eps, svg). Other file types submitted may print with lower quality, especially if resized.

      Image Resolution We do not accept phone screen captures. We are not responsible for low quality images during submission or due to resizing (upsizing).

      Non-Transparent Backgrounds We are not responsible for non transparent images unless intended.

      Ultra Thin Artwork Areas Thin lines like the size of pencil writing is not recommend and issues may occur while transferring onto garments. Some experience, practice and skill may be required for these types of artwork. It's not impossible, we just don't recommend this for beginners. As a rule of thumb, keep likes 3 pixels or larger.

      Copyright & Infringement To ensure compliance with copyright laws and prevent infringement, we have a policy of not printing copyrighted designs. We retain the right to decline any order that we deem to be in violation of this policy at our discretion. We will not engage in lengthy debates regarding this matter unless proper authorization is provided. To obtain authorization, kindly email your authorization letters, complete with official letterheads, to

    • Turnaround Time

      Production Time Allow 1-3 business days upon payment and artwork approval. All orders are shipped from our Los Angeles, CA production facility.

      Example A (2 days): Order by 1pm Monday, pickup by 3pm Wednesday.

      Example B (3 days): Order after 1pm Thursday, ships by 3pm Tuesday

      Reach out prior to placing your order if you need bulk order rush/special services.

      Rush Service (Add $25) Get your order 1-day earlier. Subject to availability.

      Same-day Service We do not currently offer any same-day service.

      Shipping Time

      Shipping time is 1-5 business days depending on your distance from our Los Angeles, CA production facility. During the holidays, shipments tend to take additional time to reach its destination.

      Shipping Cost Shipping costs are between  $12.20 to $18.20 depending on your distance from Los Angeles, CA.

      Artwork Service Add-ons

      • Color Swap (Add $25 to $40)
        Change a single color of your artwork
      • Background Removal (Add $25 to $40)
        Remove artwork background so it's transparent
      • Redraw (Add $40+)
        Our artists redraw artwork for better print quality
      • Pantone Color Match (Add $40 per color)
        Give us the color code and we'll make a chart with different shades. Then, we'll choose the closest match and print your order.

      *Additional fees apply and are subject to change for more complex artwork adjustments.

    • Printable Materials

      Cottons, polyester, poly/cotton, triblends, viscose, 50/50 blends, spandex, nylon, leather, denim, untreated wood. Vibrant prints with any color, light or dark.

      Printable Products

      If it's porous, it might work. Always spend a few minutes to conduct tests before bulk production.

      APPAREL t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jerseys, joggers, shorts, safety vests, yoga pants
      (Print on tight areas other print methods can't like arm sleeves, yoga pant legs, hoods of hoodies)

      ACCESSORIES tote bag, duffle bag, fannie pack, umbrella

      PROMOTIONAL ITEMS table cover, banner, tent, koozie, skateboard

      ART canvas, wooden canva, door, drywall

      Archiving Instructions

      Best practice is to seal heat transfers in an airtight bag with a silica pack to absorb moisture, especially in environments with increased humidity levels. We've had success archiving images for 12 months in Los Angeles weather.

    • Heat Press Instructions

      PRESSURE Adjust heat press to high-pressure
      • Test closed press pressure with dollar bills, make sure it cannot be pulled out from each side and corner.

      Material Temperature Time
      100% Cotton 300°F 7-10secs
      50/50 Blends 300°F 7-10secs
      100% Polyester 275°F 7-10secs
      Triblend 275°F 7-10secs

      WARM PEEL TECHNIQUE Once the heat press opens, wait 15+ secs to cool. While slightly warm or cool to touch, with opposite hand holding shirt down, peel from one corner to opposite corner. If using a heat press pillow, you may need to let cool longer.

      FINISHING For a matte finish, press again with kraft paper for 7-10secs medium pressure.

      TEST garments before beginning mass production, your specific application may vary.

      Pressed Garment Care Instructions

      Machine wash cold or warm, flip inside out, tumble dry low to warm heat.

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