Shinobi Guidebook

A Comprehensive Exploration of Our DTF Heat Transfers (5-Minute Read)


Image Sizing:

When it comes to the dimensions of your images, it's essential to note the following:

  • We cannot assume responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies in the sizes you order.
  • In the absence of specific size instructions, we will proceed with printing the graphic as it is, using dimensions based on those visible in Photoshop/Illustrator.
  • Our sizing is measured using the imperial system (cm).
  • Please be aware that we cannot accept returns or issue refunds for items ordered in the wrong size.

File Formats (for Advanced Users):

Please be advised we are unable to accommodate artwork alterations for this product. Accepted file formats include PNG and PDF. For optimal high-resolution printing, we recommend setting your files to 300 DPI. It is essential to ensure that your gang sheet is transparent and exported to the exact dimensions required, as indicated on the tabs. To avoid issues, refrain from cropping after loading, and double-check the size accuracy before uploading for printing. Use design software like Photoshop to verify that your file remains true to size. For example, a 1 Meter Print file should be exported as 58 CM X 100 CM to match our specifications. To maintain consistency, we do not accept PSD or AI files, as these may cause unintended changes to fonts and elements. We highly recommend providing exported files for a seamless printing process.

Image Resolution:

  • We are unable to accept image submissions captured from phone screens.
  • We do not take responsibility for images that appear blurry or of low quality when uploaded.
  • 300 DPI Is recommended for highest level of print quality. 


  • Unless a non-transparent image is your intended design, we do not assume responsibility for its lack of transparency.

Super Thin line Artwork areas:

  • We discourage the use of extremely fine lines, such as those resembling pencil strokes, as challenges may arise during the transfer onto garments. These intricate designs often require experience, practice, and skill. While it's not impossible to achieve, we recommend avoiding such designs if you are a beginner. A good rule of thumb is to maintain line thicknesses of at least 3 pixels (0.0254 cm) or larger for the best results.


At Shinobi Transfers, we print your transfers in CMYK mode. This choice is made because our printers utilize CMYK colors to produce your transfer prints. It's important to note that while the most common color settings are in RGB, as display monitors and phone screens typically use RGB color lighting, exact RGB colors cannot always be perfectly matched to CMYK colors. However, we make every effort to match colors as closely as possible.

For optimal color accuracy in your transfer prints, we recommend uploading files in CMYK color format. This helps ensure the best representation of colors in your final printed transfers.

Please keep in mind that slight variations in color may occur due to differences in color profiles and printing processes. We strive to deliver high-quality prints that meet your expectations, and our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding color reproduction.

Copyright & Infringement:

To uphold copyright laws and prevent infringement, we have implemented a strict policy against printing copyrighted designs. We reserve the right to decline orders that we believe violate this policy at our discretion. To address this issue, we kindly request that you provide proper authorization by emailing your authorization letters, complete with official letterheads, to We aim to resolve these matters promptly and efficiently.

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